I filed a credit card dispute and do not understand the email recieved from USAA about information needed and lack of positive resolution in my favor.


Case was I had reservation at hotel in Italy that was charged prior to arrival.  On arrival and attempt to check in was told room not available due to issue with hotel room.  The hotel try to send us to hotel of less value and would not refund the charge and I had to find another hotel to stay the night.


Italy and EU policy listed on website xxxxxxxxxxx describes that in overbooking cases if another hotel of equal value or greater value can not be provided funds are to be reimbursed.







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Hello @JLVAUG, I will be more than happy to review your dispute with you. Please send us a private message with further details regarding your dispute. To send a private message, please click your name at the top right hand corner of the Member Community and select the envelope icon -> send a message. I hope to hear from you soon! ~ Samantha 



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Note this is for credit card dispute case # [removed sensitive data]. 

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Additional information


Liability for breach of contract:


  • on the hotel owner’s side
    Once the booking has been made and accepted, the hotel must ensure that the accommodation is available. Failing that, he is obligated to compensate for damages, according to general rules on obligations. The easiest form of compensation, and the most useful also for the customer, is “in kind”: the hotel owner who breaches the contract will have to try to find the customer alternative accommodation, in the same place and on the same level. Should that prove to be impossible, then the hotel owner is obligated to pay a monetary compensation, which is quantifiable case by case.










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