Credit Card and Bank Account CLOSED BY USAA

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Last Friday I was attending lunch with my colleagues and decided to pick up the bill for our table, I was completely embarrassed to be told my credit card was declined.  I promptly called USAA and was told ALL of my financial accounts are now closed.  I was absolutely shocked, I asked repeatedly for an explanation and was told by the representative the "back office" had made the decision and no information could be given.  I escalated the call to a  very understanding supervisor and was told the same thing.   I have no idea why or how this decision was made.  I have NEVER been late paying my credit card which has a 20k limit and I pay in full every month , I keep a high balance in my checking account, my credit score is just below 800, I've never been overdrawn on any accounts EVER.


I have been a proud USAA member for 25 years, I have my life insurance, multiple vehicles insured and home owners insurance through USAA.  I refuse to believe this is standard operating procedure from a company I have so much respect for.   Why wasn't I called?  Why did I have to go through embarrassment?  I seriously was really worried my identity had been stolen until i called my credit monitoring company.  Did I really need to go through all of that?   All I want is an explanation and after being a member for 25 years I deserve at least that.


I have a very large family and all of us are USAA members, I have family that has worked for USAA.  The common denominator from everyone I have ever talked to is always the same, I will never leave them because the customer service is so outstanding. 

I hope someone at USAA will read this and step forward.



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Hey Jimmy,


Thank you for following up, I appreciate it.  I received a private message Monday by a representative saying she understood why I was upset and I would be contacted after my account was reviewed. No time line given. I was also told again they sent me a letter which I haven't seen (maybe tomorrow) but another USAA rep had read me the letter (over the phone) and all it said was the "back office" had made a decision to close your account.  I have gone through every transaction from my checking account and Credit Card account and unless USAA doesn't like Costco I have no idea why it would have been closed.  I'm currently in the market to buy a house and am really worried what will happen to my credit rating after they close my credit card.  I still am dumbfounded USAA does business this way at the VERY LEAST a phone call should be given.    It's sad i've had to go through all of this just to get a response from them.  Still no word, still worried, still confused. 


@Nobank., I'm sorry you were not provided with more information when you called to inquire on your account. Please know that a letter has been sent with more information and you should be receiving it soon. If you have any further questions please send us a private message so we may help. - Janay

I have been read the letter by customer service and all it mentioned was our back office has closed your account. No explanation 

@USAASocialService, this has me extremely concerned about my wellbeing here with USAA, if you do this to a 25 year member, why wouldn't you do it to me? I would like someone to reach out to me, not to air anyone's business, but to go over the reasons that constitute closing someone's account out of the blue, as this member claims. 

Hello @jimmyb84, I like that your wanting to know more about what could cause a bank to close a credit card. In this social channel we are not able to contact members by phone. I do encourage you to understand how we govern our lines of credit. The credit card terms are available on  If you log into , from there click on a credit card ( for those that have one ) and scroll all the way down to the bottom under > Your Account documents > Universal Terms and Conditions. Our Terms and Conditions do show some examples of what may be considered unacceptable behavior. As a rule of thumb, if your familiar with the terms that we provide for our members you can feel more certain that a line of credit offered by USAA will remain available for you to use. I do hope that helps. ~ Suzy

Thank you for that message Jimmy.  Suzy I still have absolutley no idea why my Credit Card and checking account have been closed.  My balance is always paid in full every month and my credit card is used for normal purchases. Please have someone reach out to me as I am completley in the dark.  No one is willing to give me answers and that isn't right. 

How is closing a 20k credit card that the highest balance has been 2,500 going to impact my credit?

@Nobank. I have responded in a private message. Thank you. ~ Suzy



I still have not been contacted in regard to my Credit Card being closed.   It has been 7 days from my last point of contact and that should be enough time for someone to at the very least call me after I have been a member for 25 years.  Please have someone call me 



Nobank - I regret hearing you have not been contacted. I will re-engage our specialist to research your situation. Thanks, Jason