Credit Card Transactions To Overseas Company


I want to purchase some items from the company (developers of the World of Tanks computer game). All purchases thru the World of Tanks website will go through their headquarters in Cyprus. Will these overseas trnasactions be flagged by USAA and cause a security problem? I don't want to have my card de-activated and another one issued for this. Any ideas? Can't seem to find anyway to send a message from the regular USAA website....


@Raxter54, great question! I understand your concern in regards to your transaction. If you make the transaction and it raises any red flags, we will reach out to you to confirm the activity is valid. USAA will only shut down your card if we do not hear back from you and are unable to confirm the activity. I hope this information is helpful! ~ Samantha 

Is there any way to let USAA know that transactions with this company are authorized, and should be accepted? Seems like having to re-authorizing these transactions would be repetative....

@Raxter54, there is a way you can advise of the amount for pre-authorizations on When logging on the desktop site, select your credit card and scroll down to the account services section. You will see an option let us know of a charge. Please keep in mind, it is a one time only authorization and just for the amount. Regrettably we do not have a way to advise of the company. ~ Samantha