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I'm wondering if anyone has figured out how to get a text message INSTANTLY (from USAA) when there's any kind of charge to a USAA credit card.  I've seen a television commercial where another major credit card provides the credit card holder an instantaneous text message when the card is used (for any amount.)  Given how good the technology is at USAA I figure I just don't know how to do it.  By the way, when I say "instant" I'm basically saying a text message that takes just about the same amount of time as it takes for a charge to show up "pending" on  


Art59 - God news. We do offer text alerts based on your preferences. With that in mind, you can set your alerts for any purchase over a set dollar amount. To access on our website click your name, then Profile & Preferences, then Account Messaging. Select your account for options regarding the individual account. I hope this information has been helpful. Please let us know if you require additional assistance with your accounts or have any further questions. - Jason

Jason--but it doesn't do pending charges. Plus the notifications for CC purchases aren't as fast you think. That's one reason why I stopped using my Visa card. Also, pending and actual charges aren't that quick to posted on the website--like it was when we had the Mastercard.

USAF_Ret - Thanks for the comment. We also have security alerts in real time for suspicious activity. Your feedback is a valuable tool in helping us improve future service. Thanks, Jason

Jason, could you speak a bit as to how the real-time "suspicious activity" alerts happen? Or, could you point me to a link that explains it? Do we need to set that up somewhere like our other notifications?

Like other posters, I am also a frustrated by the over-charge notifications that I set up, but which don't show up until the charge is posted (2 days after the charge). My Discover card, and my VISA cards from other banks, send notifications almost immediately after a charge, and I have caught fraudulent activity that way.


NC_hiker - USAA actively monitors all accounts for suspicious activity. if a transaction is flagged as suspicious, a text is sent to the number on file. If the charge is valid, you reply "yes." If no reply is given or you reply "no," them the card will be blocked temporarily to prevent fraud. I hope that helps. - Jason

Hi Jason:


I think USAA is behind the times here.


USAA needs to send a push notification to members phones as soon as a transaction occurs. You do this when I use my USAA credit card with Apple Pay and its great (although Apple Pay is the most secure credit card transactions you can make) USAA needs to make it happen with all charges.


USAA's current alert system does not work on Pending charges and can take 2 to 4 days provide notification. As other members have pointed out many other banks already provide this service and provide notification within seconds!. My Citibank CostCo Visa card does and I love the feature.


As other members have also pointed out this is a huge help in fraud prevention.


I look forward to the time (hopefully soon) when USAA offers this helpful and needed service.

asr101 - We appreciate the feedback. Your comments will help us continue to provide the best products and services for our members. Thank you for adding your voice to the conversation. - Jason

As the other posters have said, this suggested $1 URGENT fix is nothing but a band-aid. If a few more minutes of research is put forth, it's easy to see that USAA has nothing like all the other banks do. They are way behind.


USAA reps are missing the point. Purchase alerts are push (not email/text/sms) from a companies app or android pay.  This is not the same as setting the alert amount to $1. That will notify you when the transaction posts, not when the card is swiped. There is about a 2-4 day lag in between those times.  This is something that every other major bank offers (either through android pay or through app).  USAA needs to add this feature to apple pay or to the app, or like Amex and add it to both.


This is the main reason I no longer use my USAA credit card.

I agree with all of the other posts.  I receive a push notification my Capital One wallet app within 2 seconds of my card being swiped.  This feature actually allowed me to discover my Capital One card number had been hijacked and take immediate action before the situation got worse.  I expect the same, if not better, from USAA.  Is this feature on your roadmap for the future?  If so, what is the timeframe?  If you can't answer these questions I'll have no choice but to cancel my credit card and use a company that provides this.