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I just called to see about doing a product change from the USAA Rewards™ Visa Signature® Card to the Limitless™ Cashback Rewards Visa Signature® Card. The representative that I spoke with was very kind and she asked a colleague or supervisor if this would be possible, but she was advised that I would need to have my credit run and my history from my previous card would not carry over. I don't understand why this would not be possible, considering they are both Visa Signature Rewards products. This is not an issue with any other issuer that I deal with that has multiple products. I don't need two Visa Signature cards if one has inferior benefits to the other. I think this is a ridiculous policy, and you can count on me using this card hardly ever going forward. I've already tranferred my balance to my local credit union, lowered my limit, and opened a Chase Sapphire Preferred. Offer better rewards and benefits, and allow product changes so consumers can keep their history without having a bunch of unused cards, then we can talk.


Hi cgillotte! Thank you for posting to the Community. I'm sorry to learn that we were unable to meet your credit card needs at this time. The Visa card terms and conditions are set up for a specific Reward programs with USAA. Unfortunately, they cannot be changed. However, please know that we always value customers who are keen to give us their feedback. Therefore, I'll be sure to pass on what you have told me to the appropriate areas to help us improve our services to you and do hope you consider doing business with us in the future. ~ Stacy

This is compleate BS. Every other credit card issuer allows product changes.  I really would like to change to the base preffered amex since I do most of my shopping on post.  Time to look for new banking options. USAA is falling behind the times.

@bobhoncho, I appreciate your feedback. I understand this important to you and I will have this forwarded to the appropriate area for review. ~ Samantha 

Stacy, thanks for the response but you and I know that is a bogus reason. Terms and Conditions can be updated and agreeing to new T&Cs for continued use of credit is regular practice in this line of business. Both parties consenting to new T&Cs does not require a hard pull or wiping out 10+ years of credit history. Stop lying to people. I get enough of that from my Congress critters. I don't need my bank doing it too.

cgillotte, we appreciate your additional post. I will be engaging a team of specialists to review your concerns and follow-up with you to further discuss. We look forward to speaking with you. Thank you. -Meredith

I went ahead and filed a complaint with the CFPB so your team can talk with them as well.

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I feel your  pain..  I inquired  for  a little  credit line  increase on my  Visa  card  AFTER I recived  a mailing  from the  President  stating  Congrates .. your  interest  rate  has  been lowered  and  you qualify  for  a  credit  increase ..  BS, So   I did inquire for   a small one  like  a extra  1000.00  The  people  who  seem to  be  underwriting  aka: bean counters  and  desk  jokers  sent  me  a letter ..Sorry  can't  do  it .   What  away  to  treat  a vet who came  to  USAA and a member  for  3 yrs with  House  and  Car  Insurance  and  Banking  and  CC .  Oh , We are  competive  for  all  Veterans..REALLY , Well  I canceled  all  except  CC  since that  will hurt  my  credit  score.  I recieved  a better  deal outside USAA . I recieved  a CC AGAIN outside  source  with much  lower  APR and  a  very  high  credit  line  alot more than  the  1000.00 I wanted.  and just  recieved  another one even  higher .  Strainge , in the  mean time  I even  purchased a new 2017 car   with  zero  apr .  WOW ..  I guess  I do  have  a  very  nice  Credit  score  after all  but USAA doesn't  seem  so. 

Yes, I ranted  but  felt  there are others  who  have  also  had the  same  unfair  dealings  with  a  USAA Credit  Card.  Funny  thing is,  everyone at USAA  I talked to  about this  situation  seemed  to only  say  "Thank  you  for  your  feed  back  and  It will  passed  along "   Do the  ones in the  Ivory  Tower  really  see or  care  ?


I have run into the same issue.  USAA reduced the cash back on a card I've had for over a decade and I tried on several occasions to do a product change, which I've done with other banks. The fact that they have different terms is not a reason to refuse to switch.  If you apply for a new card, you must agree to the terms the same as if you are doing a product switch. They are both Visa cards with the same bank so there is no excuse for not switching.  I'm not going to open a separate Visa with USAA and leave a second card, which has a long credit history, sitting unused because USAA refuses to provide basic customer service.  I've had to stop using USAA due ridiculous rates for home and auto insurance when I moved to a different state.  I've also ceased using them as my bank once I stopped using the card due to the refusal to do a product change, which other banks agree to do.  I was a loyal user of USAA for home, auto, life, banking, and credit card for years, but it no longer offers competitive products or customer service.

@JGMD your feedback on this topic is important to us. I will be glad to forward it on for review. If after review they need to contact you, they will utilize the information in your profile to do so. Thank you. ~ Suzy