Mr. Werder,


As of today, your company has achieved the same status as those predatory credit/lending companies who take advantage of consumers.  I have a credit card account, which I closed several years ago, and which I have paid diligently on since that time.  This includes a period during which I was laid off from my job.  On Sept. 1st, 2015, I made a payment for my Sept. 21st due date.  Since my statement date is the 25th of each month, I then scheduled a payment for Sept. 25th, to cover my Oct. 21st due date.  My payment posted on the 25th, and was subsequently posted to the previous billing period.   On Sept. 30th, I noticed that I still had an outstanding payment due, so I checked to see that my payment had cleared my bank, and my USAA credit card account.  After confirming that it had cleared both accounts, I contacted a USAA representative to address the issue.  I explained the reason for the timing of my payments, and the intent of the Sept. 25th payment.  He contacted another section, and after approx. 40 min. on the phone, I was assured that the matter was resolved, and that my Oct. 21st payment would be credited accordingly.  Today, I found that I now have a "past due" payment, along with a "late fee" on my account.  Once again, I contacted USAA in an attempt to resolve this issue.  I am now being told that the matter was not resolved, and that I owe a payment of $391 on my next due date.  So basically, your company "took" 2 payments from me, refused to credit them properly, and now want me to make an additional "double payment".  I both paid, and attempted to resolve this matter, in good faith!!!  Your company however, cannot return that same loyalty to me as a customer.  Each representative refused to budge on this issue!!!  But, I guess as long as you receive your money, that's all that matters!!!  This makes USAA no better that all of the other Predatory Lending SCUM out there that screws their customers, all in the name of a dollar!!!!  I hope you're satisfied being the President of a company that operates in this manner!!!  Thank you for penalizing me for making my payments on-time, and in good faith!!!


Dear USMC68,


Thank you for posting in Community. I have passed this along to our banking team for review and will have someone reach out to you directly.

I recently posted a complaint regarding an issue I had with making a credit card payment.  I posted that complaint with both the emotion, and facts, immediately after a less than pleasurable experience with a "Senior Manager".  Her apathy and condescending attitude cannot be be overstated!  Within a few days of that post, I was contacted by another USAA representative.  And now, just as I was willing to make my complaint public, I would like to thank that USAA representative for resolving my complaint.  I appreciate the policies and procedures that are in place, and understand their purpose.  But, there is also a time for dealing with individuals, and their complaints, on an case-by-case basis.  So, "Thank You" to the young lady who took that extra time and effort to understand my situation and resolve it with "personal care" and in a "professional manner"!  



Thank you so much for the update. We are so glad you got the service you needed. Thank you again for keeping up updated.