To date I've been a very satisfied USAA customer. As a matter of fact, I encourage all veterans I know to check out USAA. I even got one person to switch insurance to USAA. Happy as a clam, I am. There is one exception... I recently paid my credit card bill and a couple of days later I tried to use my card. To my embarassment, the clerk indicated the card was declined. I checked online and found where I had indeed paid the bill but only had $3 available. Huh?? Turns out USAA put a 7 (SEVEN) day hold on my payment. Maybe I missed the "fine print" but I didn't realize there would be a hold on a payment if I made the payment using a different bank account than USAA. Ok, well, now my money is in cyberspace....already gone from my bank account. I can understand a "hold", but SEVEN days? God created the world in less time. In this day and age with everything being electronic, what if USAA changed it's hold to THREE days? This has really left me in a bind.




From your post it sounds like you used Bill Pay to pay your credit card using a linked bank checking account that was not USAA.


The REASON for the 7-Day Hold is that using a linked bank checking account instead of your USAA Checking Account results in a BANK FUNDS TRANSFER ACTION which would be needed to completed FIRST before USAA could complete your Bill Pay Action.


The following question and answer from the Funds Transfers FAQ found here should answer your 7-Day Hold Question.




Q: Once I initiate a transfer, how soon will my funds be available?

A: All transfers are subject to a hold. We may hold all or part of the funds transfer up to five business days. Funds transfers submitted after 3 p.m. CT are considered the next business day and will extend the hold period by one business day.

Funds are available:

  • The same day to cover checks, pre-authorized transactions and ATM or debit card use between USAA Federal Savings Bank (FSB) checking and savings accounts before 8 p.m. CT, Monday to Friday, and to cover USAA Brokerage investment trading.
  • The previous business day for future-dated or automatic transfers that fall on a weekend or bank holiday.
  • In 3 to 5 business days for non-USAA account transfers to USAA deposit accounts.
  • In up to seven calendar days for USAA Investment Accounts when checks or electronic funds transfers are received.


**Remember "business day" means Monday through Friday and excludes weekends. 


I hope I have helped.

Mine showed up fine. 

USAA does the same thing to me every time I pay my credit card bill.  If I use their system to pay my credit card bill, USAA takes the money from my other bank account then in eight days they "apply" it to my credit card payment.  If I use the bill pay that my bank has, the money is removed from my account and within two days the amount is applied and credited to my USAA credit card account. 


I have been with USAA for over 15 years and have been linked to the same bank for over 6 years. 


I didn't realize that USAA was holding my payments for eight days (business days no weekends or holidays apply) until I tried to us my card and have it declined. 


 When I called USAA, they told me that it was in the fine print on my account and that I should have read it better and after a review of my account (by the USAA rep), she stated that it looked like USAA has always held my payment for eight days and what was the big issue now.  Nice to know that it takes 8 business days to apply a payment but you can apply a charge within one hour of it being made.


Are you charging me interest on the balance while you hold my payment for 8 days or are you just charging me interest on the balance that is supposed to be left?



I passed your concerns to our bank team and they will be reaching out. Thank you.

They are collecting interest on our payments - imagine how much they are making off us. They have the money. It's in thier account. They are stealing the interest from us.

We're going through this right now. USAA froze our credit card because we made a payment. No joke! We're nowhere near our credit limit, we made two electronic payments from our USAA checking account to our USAA credit card on time that paid the entire bill (just like we do every month) and they froze our credit card account because the risk management computer flagged it. The funds now have a 7 day hold to verify funds and our card is frozen. A corporate employee in their executive department told me that she can see my funds have cleared my USAA checking account, but "sorry" there's nothing she can do. She actually told me "good luck"! Which I'll need, since I'm in the middle of a cross-country trip for a family member's funeral. Our card was denied for a hotel this evening! I'll be pulling our investment accounts, banking/savings accounts, rental property accounts, homeowners/landlord insurance, credit cards, and umbrella insurance out from USAA just as soon as I get home from this trip. I've never been so steamed in my life! We always fulfill our obligations and this is definitely NOT how you "stand behind my family".



We regret to hear of your experience. USAA reserves the right to place a hold on credit availability. This is outlined in our credit card terms and conditions. We regret we were unable to assist you further.

You mean USAA reserves the right to steal interest from us.

Nychsa, I can see you're upset about the payment hold for your credit card. I've located your information and will forward it to a subject matter expert for further handling. They will reach out to you as soon as possible. - Ben