From reading the posts, I see that there are a good number of us that are interested in customizing our credit cards with a favorite picture and/or having the freedom to select an alternative design. I think we deserve this privelege and ask all those who agree to support this effort by flooding this space with posts that will allow USAA's leadership know that we mean business. Let's go USAA members UNITE!!!

I was able to customize my Capitol One Venture Card by putting my engagement picture on it. It's a BEAUTIFUL looking card. 


Hi, Josephga! We value your feedback and I will be sure to forward your comments to our member feedback teams for review. Thank you and have a great weekend! -Cynthia

So how many years in a row with one of the most asked for request do we get nothing not even a option period we get what you give us. Don't you think our armed forces and families have earned a nice looking card maybe some metal weight on it something that sets you apart from the rest. It's a simple inquiry if you can't fix the huge problems fix the small in the mean time. Show hey you guys matter you earned it? Also thanks for all that you have done USAA ide never bank with anyone else.

@TiffanyNichcola, we appreciate your feedback. It's our goal to provide products and services to meet our member's needs. I will certainly share your concern with the appropriate area. Thanks for taking the time to provide your suggestions. Tricia

We used to get to at least pick from a few designs. I'd even pay a few bucks to not have a boring card.

We appreciate the feedback and will forward your request to the appropriate department for future consideration for different card designs. Thanks! - Darrell

It is WAY past time for USAA to provide this service to its members.  Even if there is a fee associated with it ($2 to $3) I would pay it.  The technology and tools are there and USAA has always been on the forefront.  Let's make card design a reality.

PinkShirley thanks for taking the time to send us your feedback. I understand customizing cards is a desire for many of our members and I forwarded your feedback for review. When future changes are being considered, member feedback is always reviewed. Thanks again for providing us with your feedback. -Marisa

I'll +1 the request to offer more than 1 credit card design.  I carry 3 USAA credit cards - 1 for work, 1 for personal, and 1 for family purchases - and it can get difficult distinguishing which card is which.  It would be nice to simply use different designs to tell them apart.

Thanks for the feedback, Alyosha! We appreciate your membership and the opportunity to assist you with your credit card needs. I will be sure to share your feedback with the appropriate area for further review and consideration. -Meredith