Can a savings account be converted into a savings account? We have a Christmas savings account that we would like easier access to at the holidays.


Hey there, Jr1984. Can you please clarify? Did you mean savings into checking?  ~JM

Yes, that’s what I’m interested in. Turning a savings account into a checking account.

Great! I have sent you a message on usaa.com.  Please login to review and respond when you have a moment.  ~JM

How can I convert my savings account into checking due to excessive activity? Thanks.


@Tmo123, I'm happy to help. Please send us a private message so that I can provide additional information by selecting the top right corner under your user handle for a drop down menu. Please select the envelope icon and the next page you will be able to "Send a New Message". You may also contact a specialist at 800-531-8722 and request to convert the savings account to a checking account. Thank you! Tricia

can I convert my second checking into a savings account ?

@Tay15, Just following up to see if you still need assistance in regards to converting your checking to a savings account? - Ben 

I need information on how to convert a savings account into a checking account. I use it mostly for Christmas through the year.

@ETay316, That's a great question. If you already have a USAA checking account, you can simply transfer the funds from your savings to your checking. That way you wouldn't need a second ATM/debit card to make purchases or withdrawals from the account that you use for Christmas. If you'd still like to convert your savings to a checking, you can submit your request by reaching out to us on chat (go to the Contact Us section on usaa.com) or by calling us at 1-800-531-8722. Due to security reasons, we cannot process account changes through this channel. I hope this information helps. - Ben