Complaint - USAA, just another predatory business

When I first signed up with USAA, I was so proud and happy to be a member. So happy that I was promoting USAA to everyone that I knew. <br><br>It’s been 5 years and when I just looked at my mortgage tax papers and saw how much my homeowners insurance premium was, I was shocked. My premium had skyrocketed. <br><br>I called USAA and asked why and since when did it go up. The rep explained that I got the notice every year. Part of it was my fault for not paying attention each year but I assumed my policy would remain the same each year or close to it. I didn’t pay much attention since my escrow took care of it. I’m guessing that’s part of USAA’s business model. Taking advantage of the consumers’ ignorance and faith especially since their mortgage handle it. I didn’t expect my policy to jump 50%!!! Instead of sending a separate notice of my increases, it’s just in the annual policy. <br><br>It’s just another bait and switch. This reminds me of all those businesses near the bases that up charged military personnel because of the limited options we had. They gave me a good rate and I was so happy but then they jacked up my rates on my car and home insurance rates. <br><br>The rep said it’s gone up because cost of rebuilding my home has gone up. Labor, materials, inflation. Originally the coverage was for $235k but she said now it’s $280k (I forget the exact amount she said). So with the higher value, inflation, and cost of rebuilding the home gone up, that’s the reason why my premium in 5 years has increased by 50%!!!!! The properties in my area has not gone up in 12 years. In fact, I’ve lost $45k in home value. USAA using lame reasons to jack up rates. I’m looking to change companies and making it my life mission to educate all on this predatory company.


Disillusioned2 - I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. - Jason