Coast Guard affected by another government shutdown

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Will USAA offer the payroll loan this coming pay period due to the government shutdown. Military pay is protected but the governemnt did not fund coast guard payroll in the shutdown due to not being with DOD. Can we anticipate the regular pay with the help of USAA?

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I just spoke with USAA and they will be offering loans to USCG Members and NOAA members, starting on 27DEC2018: if you have had direct deposit with them for the last few months. No word yet to whether the loan will be interest free. For me, if the loan is not interest free, I will be leaving them after the shutdown is over. I have already left them for car insurance and property insurance, so it won’t be that hard to leave them behind for the rest, if they don't do right by their members in a time of need. I hope this helps some of you guys. Give them a call on the 27DEC2018 and I'm sure they will do right by us, because if they dont we are all leaving. 

USAA has once again beat all other banks!! Just called them and they are offering .01% APY loans that are paid back over the course of 12 months.  Do you feel the shutdown will last for more than 2 weeks? Then ask for 90 days worth of paychecks! the ultimate peace of mind.  It is subject to credit check as well.  No other bank is offering more than 1 paycheck worth of peace of mind...


@Cr6 USAA is exploring options to assist affected members in the event of a government shutdown. Any offers may be available on Dec. 26 and will be communicated to affected members at that time. We appreciate your patience and understanding. You can find more information by following this link -Emily

that link gives an access denied error when you click the "Learn More" button. That's unnerving.

I understand how that is unnerving @thayilfan, I am checking into that link. Thank you.   ~Tom

The link still is not working.

Agreed—the link is not working for me either. I am working to put together a list of resources for veterans who work in the agencies impacted and those serving in the Coast Guard. It would be helpful to have working like to share.


Good Afternoon, it has been almost 24 hours since you postd you would look into the link. I just tried the link and it displayed "ACCESS DENIED" any update?



@Lmuldowney, Thanks for reaching out Larry. Still working on link, in the meantime try in the search on the website, typing in "shutdown". Thank you again   ~Tom


Access Denied



Wow....Thanks for the confidence USAA - NOT!


Navy FCU has already said they would cover Coast Guard members who have their Direct Deposit set up with them.

What say USAA??

@#Boycott--U-S-A-A, USAA is exploring options for assisting members. More details will be provided when available. Thank you. - Rhonda