Closing Cost Reduction for Assumable loans?

Ava Alwani

I already currently have a VA loan through USAA, my husband and I just got divorce and I got my house awarded to me. I am a civilian spouse, USAA is charging me so much $$$ just to drop his name from the loan. Is it possible to get some reduction, I am a single mom with little twins and zero support from my veteran spouse. I can never get hold off anyone in the assumption department, apparantly they dont even have a phone line. Do I have any options available to me here? 




Ava Alwani, thank you for reaching out to us for assistance with your VA loan. I realize this must be a frustrating time for you and you would like to see if there is a way to save money. I will be happy to have your concerns sent for review. A follow up by the appropriate team will be made with you as soon as possible. - Rhonda

Ava Alwani, thank you once again for your posting.  Your concerns have been forwarded to a colleague who will review them and be in contact with you further to discuss. - Robert

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