I closed an Auto loan in full with USAA early 2017. In December of 2018, when I was trying to refinance a separate loan, several institutions reported seeing 2 auto loans even though I only had one. I discovered it was my Auto Loan that had been successfully paid in full with USAA from over a year ago. However, it’s still reporting on my debt to income ratio. Effectively it raised my debt to income ratio 20-30%, severely impacting my credit score. It’s still hasn’t been resolved and I’m still seeing an extra car loan in my credit application, even though USAA reports I owe nothing. It’s been a very costly mistake, that seems like it went through several levels of failure.


@$now, I understand that you have concerns about a closed auto loan that is impacting your credit score. We'd like to review the situation. I'm engaging a business expert to conduct a thorough review and then follow-up with you. ~DC