I'd like to say that I am a fairly new USAA member (a few years), and it was policy at my old bank, Wells Fargo, to hold checks over a certain amount for quite a while, as well.  An inheritance check was held for 11 days at that bank.  I would expect that most banks have the same kind of policy--I was told that had it been a Wells Fargo check, I would have gotten the money sooner, but I had to wait a LONG time for my money.  I was NOT happy, but I guess banks have been burned in the past.


I know it's too much for folks to actually read the account Terms & Conditions, but at a minimum they could put on their thinking cap and reason through this.


Remotely deposited checks are virtually never scrutinized by a person.  Without going into an explanation of how to commit bank fraud, for all your bank knows you could be submitting for payment a piece of toiet paper with random MICR numbers on it.  When there are, as USAA routinely does for certain customers, no holds, it's because USAA trusts you.  There are usually no holds for credit-qualified customers.  


Actually, USAA policies are too lax, according to banking regulators.  They encourage all banks to treat remote check depsoits as unsecured 180-day personal loans.