Checking- Fraud Disputes - Looking for Advice


Extremely frustrated after spending multiple hours on multiple occasions on hold.  I received a text notification regarding fraudulent activity and called right away.  My rep was nice and happy I called right away, but the thief had already racked up $1,200 in charges.  I didn't have my wallet on me so I couldn't confirm if the card had been stolen or Not, but she said not to worry. 


Next day, email, claim denied. 


I called in and was eventually directed to the fraud team.  They said the submission was incorrectly inputed as a chargeback dispute and fraud, and to ignore the email, since that was for the 'chargeback'-  she could confirm the amount spent was pending going back into my account.  Sigh and phew!! 


Next day, all fraudulent transactions clear, new email - Fraud Claim denied.  AHHH!!  I call back and after 30 minutes of waiting, was transferred to a very rude person in Fraud.  They said it was denied since I still had the card.  I said I didnt know at the time of submission, and the rep told me it didnt matter, and I didnt need to call back when I discovered it missing.  She corrected that and said she would resubmit the case.   I asked for any guidance on what to do or who to contact to ensure my funds are returned.  I am frustrated and have a crazy work schedule and am trying hard to save.   I asked her if I should call the retailer, or if the fraud team does that, can we re walk through the case to ensure everything was submitted correctly, considering there was 2 errors before.


She said nope.  She doesn't do that, I can do what I want with the retailer, but....


No support or advice.   :(  Not very USAAlike.  


So I turn to you, I am really frustrated and really want to make sure I submitted my case correctly when my card was used for a slew of charges that werent me.  What is the best course of action or next steps to ensure USAA has everything they need?  Is there a way for to get more transparency on this?  My family and I have enjoyed using USAA for over 26 years, but this certainly puts a bad taste in my mouth.




@HelpessInSeattle, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. In order to be certain that all is being processed appropriately I am sending your post for review. Once review is completed contact will be made. ~ Suzy