To deposit checks to your account is one of the basic services a bank should have and offer to their clients.  It's the first time in my life I've encountered a bank that doesn't want to recieve money.  I've read and read hundreds of complaints from people frustrated with the same issue: they can't deposit their checks. You might think it's a simple task, well with USAA is not. Unbelivable rigth, I know. I've also read a lot of cases on reference to big checks, not my particular case, it's been 2 days of me trying to deposit a check to MY ACCOUNT of just a thousand dollars, not a lot of money, really, but it's the money I need deposited in my account to pay my bills.  USAA I'm not here to complain again and again about how inconvenient and ridiculous this "check deposit issue" is, the truth is you guys already know that and no worries, I'm not going to ask you what are my options, it's ok you don't have to repeat once again the options "you do have" which c'mon we all know are neither useful or viable. Guys you already know this too, but don't care enought to do anything about it. So after meditating on it, I'm just going to do what's reasonable, closing my account and moving my money to a bank who wants it. Oh look, Navy Federal has a lot of check deposit locations near me, thanks google!


PS. USAA ia getting a bad rep aorund the military community, just wanted to be a good samaritan and let you know.


Dear gogo5, 


I am sorry to hear you are having trouble depositing checks. Please note you can use Deposit@Mobile for this purpose. If you are having trouble, please call out technical support team at 877-632-3002. Your feedback is very much appreciated! Thanks for sharing your concerns. 

@USAA   Your response may or may not be correct.  I believe that if you are limited by your daily deposit limit.  In fact, some members have posted that their limit is $10,000 and they wanted to deposit a $12,000 check via the app and could not.  They were told that the limits could not be raised even for just one check.  The options were to mail in the check or cash it at a brick and mortar bank (not USAA) and then transfer the funds to USAA.