I made several small purchases through a merchant from 2012 to 2016 (probably 2011 too, but I don't have statements to back this up). I have compiled the purchases, because the merchant removed my access to them for tenuous reasons.

Although they have removed my access to a product I purchased, I would be hesitant to call it an outright case of fraud, so I'm unsure of where to start reporting this.

Appreciate the help!


Hello @Forwyn! In order to provide the best assistance, can you share with me more of what you are looking to accomplish? ~ Samantha 

Thanks Samantha. I'm wondering if this a case in which cumulative chargeback is justified, as the merchant has revoked my access to the products I purchased.

@Forwyn, I'll be more than happy to help! I am going to send you a private message with further guidance. To retrieve this message, please click on your username at the top right have corner of the member community page, then the envelope icon.~ Samantha