How long is the charge off recovery process. I want to know how soon will I be Ble to access my funds after paying off debt


Princesskcj - Thank you for reaching out to us in our Member Community. I also received your Facebook message and will review further and provide information. Thank you - Tricia

on October 13 I spoke to a rep to let them know I would be paying the 40 dollars I owe from USAA insurance hitting my account not once, but twice...the account rep assured me the account would be open and I would be fine so I changed my direct deposit back to USAA.You closed my account and nobody knows where my VA disability check is, the VA know USAA has it but apparently you guys do not, I lost my apartment and a few other things because of what your rep told me, I could not even talk to my landlord because you guys could not provide me with any information as to when, how, I was told 20 different stories from even your senior reps you guys have gone down hill, lost my trust and my business, I used to brag about how awesome usaa was and loved being a customer even displaying your stickers on my car, now you guys can burn in as far as I am concerned, how can you do that to a disabled vet, his ONLY income and sleep at night, you should be ashamed to advertise that you work with the military and veteran community, 20 year customer no more and taking other customers with me

Thank you @nowhomeless for your 20 years of membership with USAA.   I certainly understand your frustrations with your recent experience and will be forwarding your situation to the appropriate area for further review.  ~ Marco