Hi, everyone.  I have had a USAA credit card since 2011.  It was my first card, and I have valued my banking and auto insurance relationships with the organization ever since.  I have had the cash rewards program since obtaining the card, but (as many of you may know) this program compares poorly to other programs with other companies.  With the "preferred" line that came out somewhat recently with a much better rewards earning rate, I have asked a few representatives if I could potentially switch into that reward program.  Of course, the answer has been "no," which is frustrating.  


I feel like this is something that could be done, but I am unsure who I should be asking.  I really want to use my USAA card and give them my business, as they are a great company overall.  But, under my current reward structure, I have little incentive to.  


I am just wondering if anyone else has had a similar desire to switch rewards programs without applying for another card, and if they have been successful in doing so.  


Thank you for posting in Community. Please note that the only way to change rewards program is to apply for a different credit card. Changing rewards programs on the same card is not an exception that can be made. If you would like to discuss your options, please contact a banking specialist at 1-800-531-8722.

I appreciate your reply.  


My initial card was I believe some sort of classic platinum MasterCard, possibly for students, that earned no rewards.  After about two years of having that card, I was granted a different APR and given a rewards program.  Going from having no rewards program to having a rewards program, to me, is comparable to this situation.  


If it can't/won't be done, I understand.  I was hoping to see what others think of this situation, but I'm guessing there will not be much conversation from the community on this topic.  Alas, closing my card may be the best option.  



I was told the same thing when I asked to change the rewards program for cards I've had for almost 10 years.  





It sounds like this is a possibility that other banks can change your program to a better option without losing your credit history.  USAA needs to figure out this process without hitting your credit history!!  Other banks and CC companies have it figured out.  If a better rewards program is available at another company that is willing to change rewards programs when a better option is available, why stick with USAA?  Telling us thank you for using USAA on the phone is nice and all, but if they really valued our business (and 11+ years of being a customer) you'd think they'd be able to work something out to keep us around.









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@gwsiv, I understand this is important to you. I will have this feedback submitted on your behalf for further review and consideration. ~ Samantha