So I opened and unsecured American Express platinum card and now there are two open with the same amount. I only opened one account but two are now open and they withdrew the money from me which has put me in a financial bind considering the fact I don’t even have the cards yet. And when I call to have the issue resolved I’m told it could almost take a month to eat my money back for one of the cards. How does it take that long when it only took two seconds to take my money. I have bills that are coming out that will be returned or put me in the negative just for you guys to charge me another fee. I should be able to just get my money back for a card i did not want


Thank you for expressing your concerns today @Raescott, I would be glad to review this with you. I was able to locate your profile can you please follow this chat link  and reference conversation ID 20494117. -Emily


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