Cashback Rewards Plus not crediting military base purchases as 5%?


So this card when I signed up for it in February (and as of today) offers 5% cashback on gas and military base purchases up to $3,000 annually, 2% on groceries, and 1% on everything else. For the first month it was going great and I was getting the 5% back on literally every on base purchase until it stopped mid April... Nothing saying the military bonus stopped or any other reason, just now every on base purchase was only getting 1% cashback. Called the rewards department and the credit card department seperately for over an hour and they had no idea what was going on and ended both calls with "I'm sorry I cant be of more assistance"... Now what? I only spent about $1,000 on the card meaning I am missing out on an additional $100 which isnt much but theres no reason why I shouldn't be getting it


@Wgalipeaulty, I'm sorry to hear about this experience. I will have this forwarded to a subject matter expert for further review. ~ Sam

Thank you that would be helpful. 

I am having the same issue, and was wondering if you ever heard back. I called the USAA rewards department today, and the representative didn't seem to understand the issue. She kept repeating that commissarys are groceries, not on-base purchases, even though the terms and conditions explicitly state they are on-base purchases.


Later she spoke with her supervisor and then told me that they had recently have "recoded" commissary purchases as groceries and not on-base purchases, and they will no longer receive 2%. I asked for this in writing, but they avoided the question.