I keep getting system error message when trying to redeem my cash rewards. This has been ongoing for about a week now.


@youngan, I'm sorry to hear the issue you've experienced has been going on for so long. I would like to attempt to trouble shoot this for you. 

Please clear history/cookies/cache and do not use a saved link to launch our website, such as: shortcut/bookmark/favorite. From a new browser window enter directly into the address bar, then login and see if this resolves the issue. 

If not, please contact our Website Support team at 210-531-8722 for further assistance. ~ Lori 

Hello @youngan, Just a follow up to see if this was resolved for you. If not, please ensure your credit card account status is normal & up to date which can also affect redeeming rewards. If so, our Rewards Redemption department can also assist you at 800-980-8722. Have a good weekend. ~ Lori