My husband and I are refinancing our home to save money and thought we would be able to take a small cash out along with our refinance and I spoke with a very nice represenative and nothing was mentioned about not being able to take out a small amount due to living in Texas.  However, when I spoke to someone else when starting our application I was told this is not the case. I'd really like to have someone confirm what the actual policy/availablility is on a cash out refinance in Texas.


Hi mrssweaters,


A bank team member will be reaching out to you. Thank you for your comment.

I was told the same thing.  Spoke at length to person that answered the phone, she said it wasn't a problem.  Then after a long hold time found out that in Texas that is not allowed.  Can someone contact me to confirm?  I just want to know which person was right.  I hung up feeling like there was misinformation but I'm not sure on which end.  Thanks :)


Thank you for reaching out in Community. I'm sorry that after speaking with someone you are still not sure of the answer to your inquiry. I am happy to have a bank specialist reach out to you to discuss further. 

Is VA cash out refinancing allowed in Texas? I didnt see an answer in this thread and was unsure if the thread originator was talking about a VA Cash out refinance. I have seen some sites on the internet state that VA Cash out refinance is not allowed in Texas. Thanks.



Thank you for posting your question in the Community. USAA does not offer VA Refinances with a cash out option in the state of Texas. If you wish to discuss your mortgage options, please contact a mortgage specialist at 1-800-531-8722.

I was just told that it wasn't possible to get cash out in Texas as well. Doing some research it seems Texas law allows cash out but you must retain 20% equity. I find it strange USAA wouldn't offer a cash out refinance where available.


Maybe the representative thought I wanted a VA loan when I wanted a conventional?


There is another reply to this thread unequivocally stating they don't offer cash out on VA loans.

Hello Nicknm. We would be happy to have our mortgage department follow-up with you once they are back in the office on tomorrow. I was able to locate your account profile and we will reach out to within 1 business day. Thank you! - Darrell

What is the current status of cash out refinance? I have called a few times over the past 2 years and was told to keep calling back, as it should be an option very soon.





Thank you for posting in the Community. There are many factors to consider when attempting a cash out refinance. Please contact one of our mortgage specialists at 210-531USAA (8722) to discuss your options. We look forward to assisting you with your mortgage needs. -Gus