How can I deposit cash to my USAA checking account? I don't have any deposit ATMs available in my area. 


@dance87, That's a great question. Since there are no deposit accepting ATMs in your area, you can convert the cash to a money order or cashiers check. Once converted, you can deposit the item using the USAA Deposit@Mobile or Deposit@Home feature. You can also mail the deposit to us using the following address:


USAA Federal Savings Bank

9861 Attn: Bank Priority Mail

10750 McDermott Freeway

San Antonio, Texas 78284-8426



We post deposits upon receipt, and those received on holidays/weekends post the next business day. To ensure your deposits post quickly:

  • Endorse checks with your name and account number.
  • Include a deposit slip or letter of instruction.

I hope this information helps. - Ben 

Thank you, that is helpful. Where do I get deposit slips?

@dance87, For your convenience, you can order deposit envelopes online. Please enter keywords "Deposit Envelopes" in the search field on to learn more. - Ben