Cannot download to Banktivity through Direct Access

Alyce Lori



I'm sorry to hear of the difficulty you are experiencing Alyce, many times when websites do an update, if you are using a saved link the, link will expire or have this redirect or downloading issue. If this is the case it may be necessary to type the web address into the address bar again and re-save the link. If you are using a link it may also be necessary to clear the cache and history of your web browser to ensure your device is directing you to the most current version of our site. I hope this is helpful. Please let us know if you continue to have difficulty by contact our website customer support area at 1-877-632-3002. They are available from 6:00 a.m. until midnight CT daily. ~Michelle


Current Banktivity V6 is giving an error message "An error occurred on the site (412)" when trying to configure direct access to download financial information. I've reconfirmed UserID, Password and Pin. They are all correct and work properly when logging in to USAA directly.


Banktivity fails to authenticate.


Help is appreciated.

@ARL999, we are sorry for the inconvenience.  Please contact our web support area for assistance at: 1-877-632-3002 and when prompted ask for "tech support.”  We look forward to speaking with you to resolve this. 

Exact same problem.  I just called and tech told me she wasn't familiar with the software, which is the top banking software for Mac OSX.  She said she only had training on Quicken.  Can someone who knows this software, please contact me:


Software: Bankivity 6  

Version: 6.2.4

OS: Mac OSX 10.12.6



Mnanda, I am sorry to hear of the issue you are experiencing. Please contact our Technical Support Team at 1-877-632-3002 for assistance. I regret we are unable to schedule a callback for you. - Rhonda

I had same problem. I took the account Offline. Then did Configure Online Access again. I chose "USAA Federal Savings Bank" instead of "USAA" & it worked. It used Member ID # & PIN instead of UserName & Password.

Thanks KRA! I was havign the same issues as above and this worked. For everyone else, by member ID, she means your actual USAA member ID, not your log-in ID. If you click "My USAA" after you log-in, it'll be at the top left hand side of the screen.

I found the following was needed to successfully download transactions into Banktivity 6:


  1. Select USAA Federal Saving Bank
  2. Select "Direct Download/Bill Pay" This uses OFX and does not require an IGG Subscription
  3. Use your Member Number and add "0" in front until you have 9 digits.  For example, if your Member number is [removed sensitive data], then enter [removed sensitive data]
  4. Use your 4 digit PIN (Not the password you use to access