I'm trying to delete a payee in Bill Pay, but it won't let me, saying that I need to cancel the E-Bill before I can delete.  How do I cancel E-Bills?


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In order to cancel your e-bill, please select the bill/requested payee.

Then, click on “Manage E-Bills” and then choose “Stop an Electronic Version of My Bill.”

You may then delete the bill by selecting “Delete this Bill” under the “Bill Management” section.


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I have a tile called 'Pay Bills & Transfer Funds' on my USAA homepage.  I can select 'Advanced Bill Pay' at the bottom of this tile.  This takes me to a page that lists all my bill payees and e-bills (I have more than 4).  Some of the payees have some black text at their bottom of their payee area that even states "E-Bill is available. Sign up."  Regardless of which payee i click on (black taxt or not), when I select Delet Bill, it takes me to a confirmation page asking me "

Are you sure you want to delete your" Nameofbillhere.. " bill?"  If I select yes for any of these payees on this confirmation page.  It refreshes to this same confirmation page with some red text at the top saying "Your request can not be completed at this time. Please try again later. (16:1001)"

The only selections remotely close to "manage payees" as you suggested are 'manage reminder' after you select a payee, or 'Manage Payment Accounts' and 'Manage Payment Accounts for Non-USAA Bills' on the right side of the payee page.  None of these options allow you to remove e-bill as you have suggested.  I need to remove these bills as they are old and from another State.  Kindly fix please and ty.

Also I have tried to delete these bills in the mobile app also and it does not allow me to do so in there either, giving me an error message as well.

Thank you for reaching out to us today @B-radDad, we had not been notified of any issues with pay bills. If the issues persist please call us at 877-632-3002 and when prompted say 'technical support'. Thank you. -Emily