I have used the savings tracker and loved it, while it was working! I got a new phone not a new number. The new phone had to be registered for me to receive texts from the text savings. I registered the phone, but still am not receiving the texts. I have spoken with multiple representatives and opened two tickets regarding this issue, but no one can get it to work. I have requested that it be turned off, but have been informed that it can only be turned off by utilizing the text sent by tracker. Turning it off using the text would be no problem, IF I WAS GETTING THE TEXT!!!!!! USAA needs to get this together and have a way to "opt-out" of the tracker without texts!


Pesto, I'm sorry to hear of the issue you are experiencing with the savings tracker. Please contact our Website Support team so they can escalate your ticket. I will ensure to share your feedback with the appropriate area. Thank you! -Cynthia

Was this ever resolved for you? I'm having the same issue.

I am having the same issue. Both my wife and I have called several times, and it is still not resolved. Any advice?

Hello @sailmatt! I'm sorry to hear of the difficulty you are experiencing with the Text Savings! I would recommend contacting your cell phone provider to ensure that short codes have not been blocked by them. If they are, please have them unblock them or unblock from 548722 specifically. I hope this helps! ~ Samantha 

We changed phone numbers. If I contact my current cell carrier, they still won't have access to texts sent to my old number. I've called three times and USAA cannot seem to turn it off. 

Hi @sailmatt, Im sorry to hear they were not able to correct this for you! I recommend contacting our technical support at 877-632-3002 and when prompted say 'tech support'. This team should be able to force stop the service. ~ Samantha

I called the number you recommended and a very nice woman worked on it and called back to tell me that she had turned off the text savings plan. However, each day, a small amount still transfers from my checking to savings. I just called the 877-632-3002 number again and spoke with Andres. He was not helpful. He seemed unable to understand my request. Is there any way that a representative can call me and tell me that she has turned off the text saving plan (or connected it to my current cell phone)? Please help! 

Hi there @sailmatt, I am sorry for the trouble this has caused. You would need to turn this feature off through your login. To adjust your option's, login to our website:


1.Select My Tools.

2.Go to Budgeting and Goals.

3.Select Savings Booster


This should give you the steps to cancel this feature.  Please be sure to check both your login and your spouse login to ensure it cancels.

Thanks. I followed your steps and it takes me to a page with a picture of a dog: bank-prodTextSavings-medallionDog1-v2.png

And the words: "It looks like you’re already signed up. For more Text Savings options, reply "HELP" to any message you get from Tracker." 


Unfortunately, we no longer have the phone number we had when we signed up. There appears to be no one at USAA who can turn this so-called feature off or reassociate it with our current phone number. 


Is the only way to solve this to close both accounts? Someone who works for USAA should be able to help.