Can someone please assist me with a few questions regarding the youth savings and spending accounts?

Emma Kate

When i went in and started to open up a youth spending and savings account it asked me did I want to add someone to her account.  She is a minor.  So, question is, sorry if I sound like an idiot....but do I have to add myself?  This is my USAA policy and when I tried adding myself it would not take my name or usaa number.  I just want to have access to her accoutt since well it is my money :))  

My name is Kristen Thompson

USAA # [removed sensitive data]

Thanks so much~!!



Excellent question @Emma Kate. With youth spending and savings account there does need to be at least one adult member on the account as well. I hope this answers your question, please let us know if you have any others :) -Emily

Hey! Thanks for the quick response! I am her mother the policy holder and when i go in and tell the computer that her relationship to me is child it tells me that is wrong and it will not recognize my information?   Am I just automatically considered to have access since i am the policy holder?

Thank you!

You would just add your daughter to the account, you are added automatically. The add an additional holder is in case you wish to add another adult to the account as well. I hope this helps. -Emily