Can I please have access to automated transfers again?

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I haven't had access to the automated transfers or transfer history for a week or so now.  IT seems to be stumped and support calls seems to go off into the bit bucket.


@WatchOut123, I'm sorry to hear you've been having this issue. I understand you've been in contact with our Website Support team which is the appropriate are to help troubleshoot these issues.

I would like to try my hand at assisting.

Please be sure you are NOT using a saved link such as a shortcut/bookmark/favorite to bring up our site before logging in. Doing so, can result in issues such as you're describing. 

After clearing your history/cache/cookies, enter directly into the address bar of a new browser window, this may resolve the issue you've been having.

To establish an automatic transfer, select Transfers from the my Tools tab, after selecting the account you wish to transfer from/to the option for One time or Automatic will then display before entering the date and amount. 

Additionally, are you experiencing this same issue via our mobile app? 


I hope this information is helpful however, if you are still experiencing this issue please call our Website Support team 201-531-8722. 

Have a great Thanksgiving. ~ Lori