Can I open a joint checking account separate to my current checking account with my foreign-national spouse?


Hi there!


I am a US citizen who recently married a Canadian citizen. We currently still live separately in hour home countries, but I will be filing a petition to sponsor him for a marriage-based Green Card this year and need to start gathering documents to prove our marriage is legitimate.


I was wondering if it was possible for me to open a new checking and/or savings account (not sure yet which or if both would be best), separate from my current USAA checking account, and add my spouse as a joint holder? Thanks so much for any and all advice!


@BEARR, I am going to take just a moment to review our guidelines. I will reply back in a few moments. Thank you. ~Suzy

@BEARR, please call us @1-210-531-8722. There are some additional questions that we would need to ask prior to opening an account. We are not able to go over details in specifics in this channel. That is not a "YES/ NO " it is just that for compliance we must ask for additional details that we can not discuss in this channel. Thank you for the inquiry. ~ Suzy