Can I make a one time purchase of $5000 with my debit card?



@Blizz, That's a great question. The daily ATM/debit card limits for withdrawals and purchases are:


      ATM cash withdrawal:          $600

      Cash advance:                     $1,000

      Debit purchase:                   $3,000

      Debit purchase with PIN:     $3,000

If your need is over the limits above, you may consider these other options to make your purchase subject to funds availability:

  • Withdraw the maximum allowable amount from an ATM. Then, request a cash advance from another card at a participating bank for the remaining amount. (Cash advances are generally offered at any MasterCard/Visa issuing banks, but a fee may be incurred.)

  • Pay the maximum limit amount using your debit card (with or without your PIN), then pay the difference with cash withdrawn from an ATM.

  • Order an official check (fees may apply) to present as payment instead of the cash.

You can increase your limits using your USAA mobile app or by calling us at 210-531-USAA (8722), our mobile shortcut #8722 or 800-531-8722. Then say "ATM limit" and follow the prompts to complete your request.


​​​​​​​I hope this info helps. - Ben