Can I fight a fraud claim resolved against me without spending hours on hold on the phone?


For the first time in our many years as happy customers I am disappointed and angry with USAA and its customer service.  I called immediately 2 months ago when I noticed I'd received 2 emails congratulating me on winning bids on eBay for items I hadn't purchased.  USAA put a hold on the charges, which were not yet then completed, and said they'd investigate, assuring me they'd take care of it.  I immediately called eBay which said they'd also flag the purchases, send messages to the two sellers noting they were fraud, and investigate.  Both items, puzzlingly, were to be sent to me pouch address linked to the eBay account.  I tried to contact the sellers myself to tell them not to ship, but because I called eBay first about the fraud my account was locked from emailing sellers.  One item was some sort of large power tool that was thankfully blocked from the pouch.  I thought that was at least lucky until I got a message from USAA saying they'd reversed the credit on that fraud claim as the seller had told them I'd authorized the purchase.  I cannot imagine how that is possible.  I still don't understand what the item even is.  We're moving in two days and why I'd order a large power tool that wouldn't even be sent to post  is beyond me.  When I first called USAA and eBay both laughed at the purchases, nothing how out of character they looked- "sexy pants" from China and a large power tool set.  Bought within minutes of each other.  Even a simple review of my eBay account shows how rarely I use it and how unlikely I am to buy any two items so close together.  And 2 items like that?  But now I feel like fighting it is next to impossible.  I spent 1.5 hours during packout on the phone with first USAA and then eBay trying to figure out how eBay still has a fraud flag for the IP address associated with the fraudulent buys yet USAA disbelieves me.  Spending hours on hold while overseas is miserable.  And being disbelieved by USAA feels awful.  Why I would go to the extent to make up two fraudulent charges in a sea of other charges is incredible.  There has to be a way to address this without spending hours waiting to talk to people who tell me they cannot address the claim and transferring me to a fraud line that sends me back to custom service for another round of verifications only to drop the call.


@Disappointed991, I can see why this has been a frustrating experience for you. I understand you have concerns regarding the outcome of the investigation. I'll be happy to send your concerns to the appropriate team for further review. A follow up will be made with you once we've had an opportunity to review this matter further. I wish you safe travels during your move. Thank you. - Rhonda

The same thing happend to me and they've since then closed my case and refused to move forward with helping resolve this issue. I've had someone use my debit card information to purchase something on ebay using a "guest checkout" option and entered my debit card info. Within seconds $799.99 was debited out of my account for a cell phone that was registered STOLEN with at&t. Everything that happened to you happened EXACTLY the same with me. However, I did manage to locate the transaction ID itself from Paypal to give to USAA and every single time i've called (every single day since i received my email stating my temporary credit will be reversed) I get another operater that has zero idea what's going on with my case nor willing to help. I'm HAND FEEDING usaa important information relating to the unauthorized debit transaction and yet the only answer I get is: "Ma'am we're not re-opening your case." I feel completely utterly helpless at this point for the most terrible experience I've ever encountered as a patron of a business let alone MY OWN financial institution... I don't want any more victims of fraud/identity theft to EVER go through the same thing you and I have had to endure so I WILL be reaching out to everyone I know, sharing my terrible experience with USAA and make it a goal to ensure this lack of customer service never goes unheard. 

@BeniT, I can understand your frustrations regarding your case. I will have your details forwarded to a subject matter expert for further review. ~ Samantha

Fraud Claim # [removed sensitive data] - [removed sensitive data]


I was emailed my investigation results today where USAA indicated an UBER charge of $151.40 was authorized. This occured after the same UBER charged my account over $500 in a 3 day span. I do not use uber so i can't understand how USAA sided with the vendor over their own member. The investigation could not be more clear cut that uber charges for $99.99 and $59.99 are fraudulent.  I am highly disappointed with USAA services as this shows USAA does not protect their members. How can we continue to hold our funds with a bank that has these type of security flaws with minimal support? It's not the first or second time my account has been compromised.

@FoShoJay, I can certainly understand how this could be a frustrating situation. I've submitted your concerns for review with the appropriate team, and we'll follow up with you soon. Thank you for your patience. ~Holland