Is there a fee for depositing foreign checks in to my checking account?


Great questions @SH3, You can deposit a check in Canadian funds. You will have to mail it to:


9861 Attn: Bank Priority Mail
USAA Federal Savings Bank
10750 McDermott Freeway
San Antonio, TX 78288


  • USAA Federal Savings Bank will assess a $20 handling fee for special foreign collection items.
  • The processing time is six to eight weeks for collection.
  • The foreign bank may assess additional charges that cannot be waived or changed.
  • Verbal authorization is required to proceed with collection of these items. (Or you may include a letter stating that you agree to the $20 handling fee, 6 - 8 week collection time and the understanding the other bank may assess additional charges)

If you have any questions, feel free to call 210-531-8722

 Thank you ~Tom