Can I deposit a foreign check through the app?

Angelo. Ll
I received a check from a European bank and having trouble depositing it through the app since the numbers don't align with the screen. Can I deposit a foreign check through the app?


@Angelo. LI, Sorry that your having an issue with depositing that check. You are correct. The app will only allow for domestic bank checks to be deposited. I did locate instructions on what to do with the check. Fees may apply. Hold may also apply. If you have specific questions don't hesitate to call or initiate a private chat to be certain you understand how long it takes and the cost involved. Thank you for reaching out. 


1-210-531-8722  To initiate a private chat start with the HELP function on or the mobile app and as you select the banking options, the option to chat will be available. 


Mailing Instructions for Foreign Check Deposit:  when mailing a foreign check deposit to a demand deposit account (DDA), along with a completed deposit slip:

9861 Attn: Bank Priority Mail
USAA Federal Savings Bank
10750 McDermott Freeway
San Antonio, TX 78288