Dee Dee63


Hello Dee Dee63, we did reply to your previous post about banking with USAA. In order to be able to bank with USAA, you would have to have prior military background or your parents be eligible members. -Colleen

You don't want to.  They can't seem to get anything right.  I have been trying since the beginning of October to get a change done on my account and they still can't seem to get it taken care of.  I have chatted, called,  completed forms.....nothing.  Their people don't seem to know what they are doing.

Hello @Flustered customer, I do understand your concerns and have escalated this situation for you. Once researched we will be in contact with you. -Colleen

@Flustered Customer, your feedback has been forwarded regarding this. If you need any other assistance please chat with us or call 800-531-8722. -Colleen