Call from 877-627-2811 citing discussing "your investment account", but...........

Vicky M

This whole thing smells like a scam.  So, if it isn't a scam, then USAA needs to fix the customer-facing aspects of whatever this is.  If it is a scam, USAA should pursue shutting them down.


"Maria" called and left a message that she wanted to discuss my investment account and left this call-back number.  I returned the call and was placed into a hold queue with elevator music for about 1 -2 minutes.  Then, I was sent to a classical voicemail response that requested my full name and contact number.  The introduction referenced that it was USAA Insurance.


I phoned USAA and there is nothing in the database about any USAA group having pending follow-up or action items with me.




Vicky M,


Yikes! Would you be able to email us at: Please include the details you have mentioned above.


Thank you again for being vigilant and protecting your personal information!

Thanks for the reply, Angela.


I have emailed my story to as you suggested.


Also, I just tried to phone it again and this time it answered with "your call may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance".  I then went immediately to Muzak/elevator music for abour 1 minute and then spoke to a woman called "Maureen".  I voiced my concerns and she explained that she works for "LeadQual" (sp?) and that they are used by USAA to follow up on these things.  She stated that she was reaching out to me to facilitate a review of my investment portfolio.
If this is legit, please let me know.  However, I have to tell you that it presents extremely poorly to the customer in my opinion. There is NO way I would consent to discussing anything with these folks with the approach currently being used.  If I want a portfolio review I will contact USAA directly or, frankly, for the money I pay for my managed account I would expect the courtesy of a proactive call from the portfolio manager once a year.

Vicky M,


I would like to applaud your vigilance in protecting your personal information, it is so important! I did receive a response back and in this case though.


As we serve the financial needs of military members and their families, we team up with agencies like LeadQual to help us answer your questions about USAA products.


In this case though, this call was from us. As we serve the financial needs of military members and their families, we team up with agencies like LeadQual to help us answer your questions about USAA products.


Here's what to expect from LeadQual:


  • LeadQual receives your name and number from USAA — they never sell any of your information and they adhere to the highest privacy requirements instituted by USAA.
  • If you're interested, LeadQual will transfer you to a USAA representative that specializes in the specific product.
  • LeadQual can contact you about potential product solutions from USAA.

When calling on behalf of USAA, they only call you from one of the following phone numbers.


OK I get it, it is a legitimate call from USAA if you consider a marketing call to your personal cell number that you never give out to anyone but friends. And I know what triggered the call in my case. Yesterday I was on USAA looking for information about distributions from my wife's Annuity...boom, today a life insurance sales call I did not answer.

I dont' trust it even if it does come from LQ Digital.  Can you keep my phone number private?

Hi East Village,

We have added you to our do not call list. Thank you for posting here in the community.


I would like the same courtesy...of adding me to your do not call list. It's bad enough that I get these ROBO calls, but to get calls from USAA third-party solicitors that leave "vague" messages, that would cause alarm is not acceptable. Thanks!

Adam1234 and PICTURA,

Thank you both for your posts. I have engaged a specialist to look into your request.


My wife and I would also like to be added to the "do not call" list. 

Thank you.