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Is anyone else also having trouble with the website's CSV Export function?  I use it all the time ... many many times.  Today, however, when I open the exported CSV file it is blank.  I do know how to do this so, no it is NOT me.  Is there a problem with the website today?  Am I the only one experiencing this difficulty? I am attempting to contact support, but I would like to be able to notify them if I am not the only one experiencing this issue.


anjness, as far as we know there has not been any issues.  To help with this issue, please contact our support team at 1-877-632-3002 and when prompted ask for "tech support.” We are more than happy to see if we can help troubleshoot this issue. ~Jen

I contacted the website customer service.  We tried multiple browsers, multiple devices, multiple accounts, and the same problem persisted.  The problem did not manifest itself on the customer service end, but consistently manifested on the customer portal of your website.  I firmly believe there is a coding error on the site - possibly with the query function of the transaction database. (an out of place semicolon??? inside joke)  Please fix the problem, please don't assume that it is a problem with the customer (especially this customer who knows html, php, javascript, mysql db, etc.) it is a problem on your website and if other customers haven't experienced the problem yet they likely will start experiencing it soon.

anjness, Please pardon me if you've already tried this, clearing history, cookies, cache and then try to use USAA.com in the address bar NOT using a bookmark/favorite/shortcut or search engine. ~ Lori

You didn't read my post.  Like I said, I tried multiple browsers AND multiple devices. How in the world would clearing my cookies on my computer help with the download on my samsung tablet or cell phone or on my husband's cell phone?  NONE of the devices, NONE of the browsers worked.  There is a problem with the code on the page.  Again, it is not a problem with my setup - it is from USAA's end.  It is always such a default position for the customer to be blamed (wish there was a better word to use than blamed, but there isn't.  for the customer to be assumed to be where the problem is .... ) but I promise this time it is USAA's site with a glitch.


And apparently this isn't the first time USAA has had problems with its csv export function:





Take a look at the database query code - and be sure to look at the actual customer portal page - don't just look at the customer service portal page where customer service rep can look at the account theoretically from the customer's perspective - I guarantee those aren't the same code files.  When it queries the database a variable must be getting lost or something because the export link itself works - it does download a csv file - but the file itself is blank.  Meaning, no data is retrieved.  Database Query Problem.


Any movement on this case?  Ticket Number 0653920?   The export function still does not worked - I just checked it.  Has anyone taken a look at fixing it?  Where are we on this, please?

anjness, your concerns have been escalated to the appropriate area for review and follow-up. We appreciate your patience and the opportunity to look into this further. -Meredith

I noticed the same problem a few days ago - it worked abt a week before that.

I only tested from my checking & savings acct pages.


A .csv file is downloaded but empty (and auto opened by MS Excel).


BTW  - I didn't find this site by using the main help pull down - I found it from a google search.  The other help links seemed banking- not tech- centric unless I missed something (quite possible).


And pardon me for thread stealing - do I really need a ticket?