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The forum requesting contact info for the CEO of USAA is nearly two years old and still the information has not been provided. I had another unsatisfactory experience today where the person representing USAA could not adequately explain one of the bank's policies and didn't seem to know who could. As a member for some 30 years with about $300,000 invested or deposited with USAA and paying USAA some $8000 in insurance premiums annually, I deserve and need better service. Please don't offer to direct my concerns to a customer service representative. Just post the contact information, email address and phone number for the president/CEO of USAA. Thank you.




Thank you for posting in the Community. We are unable to share the requested information. However, we have shared your concerns with a Subject Matter Expert who will reach out to discuss this matter further.

What are you hiding?

I can get a phone number for the Verizon CEO but not the USAA CEO?  And Verizon is 500% bigger than USAA?

You are obviously not at all concerned with anything even remotely resembling Customer Service.

You are gatekeepers and that is an open invitation to deception.

I have been a member since 1981, the Company has gon down hill the last several years.  I am moving all my services to local companies.  USAA forgot how to SERVE thier members


@Cav6, I'm very sorry to hear you feel this way. It is never our intention to have our members have less than ideal experiences. We do not want to see you go, I would like the opportunity to help provide assistance or address any concerns you have. ~ Samantha

I have been a member since 1981, the Company has gon down hill the last several years.  I am moving all my services to local companies.  USAA forgot how to SERVE thier members


You are definitely right the CEO Makes top dollar so he does not need to address the veterans issues THEY DONT CARE. I have the same issue where USSA reps still have not settled my issue on my home where a DUI teenager crashed into my home and totaled 2 of my vehicles in which he crashed into 4 and destroyed my garage door and the pillar to my home. The USSA Reps have battle hand off my packet to other reps 4 times and I still have to repeat myself again and again and again. I have served over 38 years if this is the way they view of serving veterans needs we all need to take our business elsewhere. I can be reached at  and THIS EMAIL IS FOR THE CEO.


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Thank you for reaching out to us today @Adais, I was able to locate your profile and will share your concerns with a subject matter expert for review. Once reviewed they will contact you. We appreciate your patience in advance. -Emily

What do you mean you cannot share the phone number or email of the CEO?  We, the voting members of USAA, decide who sits in that chair in that office.  If we cannot at the least contact his office then how are we, the voting members of USAA, suppose to hold the person responsible and in check for the way the insitution that we are a voting member of.  I can call the phone number to the President of the United States and say my piece why is that not possible with the President of USAA, does he hold himself higher then the President of the United States?   


Hi @Jeremie K Countryman, We do have an office that can contact you regarding any feedback you wish to share with the CEO. A member advocacy team is in place to field any complaints or feedback you wish to share. Would you like us to put you in touch with our member advocacy team?