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Please institure busines checking accounts.



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I wanted to take a moment to update this thread with the announcement of the launch of USAA’s new business financing with StreetShares Inc. You can find out more about the collaboration here, or sign up here. Thank you all for your comments and participation, it has been instrumental in leading to this pilot. 

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Lee Campos,

I know this has been talked about for quite some time simply because I've been asking for small business checking, too. I will pass along your feedback to the appropriate department. 

USAA has provided my family and I great service through our time in the military. As I retire and move to the next stage I would love to continue all my business with USAA, but they don't offer business services for members.


USAA please consider offering small business accounts!

Please send another vote from me. I really need USAA to offer business checking! Thanks.

Add my vote too!  I would love to have a USAA business checking account.

Add another small business owner and long time USAA member in need of a USAA business account. USAA: please consider adding this to your excellent banking services.

Navy Federal Credit Union offers zero fee Business accounts.  I got frustrated waiting on USAA.  NFCU has it right.  And I'm an AF retiree.

That is exactly where I have been led to go (Navy Federal).  Too bad for USAA....

+1 for Small business checking USAA! I'm going to have to search elsewhere if you won't be offering this option soon...


Please consider it- thank you

Thank you all for your feedback. We will continue to share your comments with the banking department. Thank you