USAA auto insurance locked my USAA bank accounts after saying they were receiving an odd amount of calls from my phone.  I was me trying to get ahold of a claims person.  The checks for my bills were returned since my accounts were locked.  I have called, chatted, used the app, emailed, and STILL no one will help me.  The only thing I have not done is physically go talk to someone.  Every time I talk to someone on the phone they transfer me and no one can fix the problem.  The utilities keep referring me to the bank and the bank is basically ignoring me!  Help!


@This Bank is Useless, the security of our members accounts is our top priority and not meant to cause hardship to our members. I regret to hear about the recent events that have impacted your payments. I will be escalating your concerns to the appropriate team for further review. Please be assured we will look into this matter for you and a follow up will be made. Thank you. - Rhonda