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I REALLY wish USAA would enable Bill Pay via Direct Connect in Quicken.  Each time I've asked about this, I get the same response..."we offer free Web Bill Pay".  I understand that, but what if we want to be able to use our personal finance software (PFS) and send bill payments directly to USAA that way.  It still is using USAA's Bill Pay service.  It just allows for one less data entry point.  Instead of having to go to USAA.com, enter the bill pay information and then come back to Quicken and hopefully enter the correct information there it would be more efficent just having to enter the information in one place (Quicken).  So many other financial insitutitions offer this as a service to their customers.  I'm a bit surprised that USAA, nornally on cutting-edge technology, refuses to offer this option.

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Jason N, thanks for taking some time to bring this to our attention. I understand you would prefer to pay your bills through Quicken instead of USAA Web BillPay. While this is not something we currently offer, I forwarded this feedback for consideration in future changes to the services we offer. -Marisa

Anything here? 


USAA used to have bill pay through Quicken, it worked great but, USAA dropped that option many years ago. Guess it was another of USAA's "improved services" changes they've forced on us.
Remember, they don't care about you, they only care about the money you give to them. Cheers!

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Just downloaded Quicken 2018 for Mac.  I can pay extra to use bill pay through Quicken, or use direct connect bill pay from my financial institution.  Unfortuntately, my financial institution, USAA, doesn't support this feature, even though they are cutting edge in most tech.


USAA, please enable this feature.  I doubt it is techinically difficult.  

hb910, Thank you for your feedback. We will certainly submit this for further review.  We appreciate feedback from our members as this helps us gage services we offered. Should any changes take place, our members will be the firs to know.  ~JM

Did USAA concider (re-)instating Quicken Bill Pay with the original post?  Is there a timeline for 'concidering' this latest request?  There are many USAA members that would appreciate this service.  Thx,

KaizenKid - We appreciate the feedback as it will help us continue to provide the best products and services for our members. We currently have our own Bill Pay system, but will consider your suggestion for future enhancements. While there is no timeline for any specific request to be implemented or not, we constantly review member feedback. Thanks for adding your voice to the conversation. - Jason