So 10 days ago I had USAA send a $300 check to a payee but they have yet to deduct it from my checking account. I called today to find out what is going on and she said "Well, it's just like if you were to write the check yourself, it won't deduct from your account till they cash it and it clears." I said "No, when I write a check myself I deduct from my balance immediately."  When I look at my account balance on line it doesn't even tell me there is a pending check payment nor is it reflected in my available balance, nothing... only when I go directly to the payee does it show anything. So I'm supposed to just remember for two weeks or however long it will take, that I have a $300 check out there. That is not going to work for me.


When using bill pay to send a paper check it is just like you writing a check and sending it youself, except you don't have to pay postage.  It will not be withdrawn from your account until the check is presented for payment.


Anytime you authorize funds to be withdrawn from your account (whether via check, EFT or transfer) you should be putting this down in your check register and balancing your account (or an electronic version such as Quicken).  Your online balance is only a snap shot of that moments balance with all authorizations that have been paid.  You may still have checks, debit card transactions (when used as a CC), or preauthorize debits that haven't hit yet, that will not be reflected.


Going by your online account balance to determine what you have to spend is a bad idea. 


Some other ideas on how to track your money without a checkbook.

DSTEXAS USAA should simply show ALL pending payments including checks that they sent just as hey show other types of pending payments.

Actually they do in the Web Paying App.  Under the Recent Payment Activity the list both Pending and Completed Payments. Once the check is issued it will move to completed payment.


Again because it is a paper check it will not show up in your actual checking account statement online until it is presented for payment.  EFTs will show as pending because the system is in the process of moving the money at that time (or their is a hold on the funds due to a debit/CC authorization/transaction).



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Dstexas You are not helpful. Again, USAA should show ALL pending pymts including checks they sent SAME AS electronic pymts and debits etc

So what you are saying is you want them to remove the money from your available balance once the check is issued?  What if the check is never turned in for payment?  With electronic payments and debits, the money is currently in the state of being transferred.  With a paper check it could be days, weeks, months or never when the funds get withdrawn.


Unfortunately, what your asking is not acceptable accounting practices and would not be permitted by banking regulations.  Banks have been and can be sued for holding funds for an indeterminate amount of time.


This issue you have encountered can be resolved by enrolling in Money Manger. When you enroll in Money Manger, you can add a manual transaction for your anticipated Web BillPay payments. When you have added a manual transaction, it will be displayed in a section called 'Scheduled Transactions', and you can view your projected balance for that payment until it is processed. Once the transaction has processed from Web BillPay, if you assign a category rule to the manual transaction, it will automatically match to the processed payment leaving your Scheduled Transaction history leaving you with an accurate projected balance displayed in you Account Summary... To enroll in Money Manger, click Edit Categories from your Account Summary, or click Add a non-USAA Account on your My Account Summary tile. Hope this helps. If you have questions about Money Manger or its functions, call Website Customer Support or send USAA a Member Message on 18005318722 EXT 29203
My local credit union has been displaying pending payments including checks under available balance for years I thought everyone did and should. I will not debate this any further here.

Andreake, at least give the name of the credit union.  I'll check it out and if I'm wrong (it does happen) I'll admit it.