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Has anyone else seen where you submit a bill and it will take like five+ days to come out from your account, all while it still shows those funds are "available" for withdrawl?


I used to bank with WellsFargo and switched because my wife (both of us are military) was complaining about WF. However, when I would pay bills through WF BillPay, they would debit the money from my account instantly and send the money either on that day or the following. USAA does not let you set up payments for coming out on a Saturday, unless you do it two days prior, what is that?

When I was with WF, I could set up payments to come out that day and they would not only debit the account, but also send out the payment that day! I even have a mortgage with USAA and it takes 15 days for it to come out of the account and post to the mortgage account, WTH is that about?


Aesir (and Others);

I have seen this USAA Web BillPay® Problem / Issue also.

IMPORTANT: You should note that this USAA Web BillPay® Problem / Issue (delayed update of Available Balance) also applies to ALL BILLPAY PAYMENTS, to include those completed in 2-days.

**NOTE: This has been already reported but it wouldn't be a bad idea to have you report it also.

Visit this other USAA Member Community Posting for how to report problems.

How To Make USAA Website Better


Also you should review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) related to USAA Web BillPay® at the following LINK


USAA Web BillPay® FAQ


**(See the question "When will the money be taken out of my account?" in the Section about Payments)

I hope this helps you (and others).

I am trying to find my current balance on my USAA Mastercard, but have not been successful no matter what I try. Yes, I have logged in. HELP!!!!!

I have had the same problem..when paying through my if I pay through usaa site it's a lot faster...not sure why..I mean it's a wired transfer of funds...but yes from their site pulling the funds is way quicker than sending to them from my bank...hope this helps

I would love the see that the money is deducted from your account at the time you pay the bills so you have a better idea of what you have don't have without having to log back in to see what has cleared.


**NOTE:  I reported this USAA Web BillPay® Problem / Issue AGAIN using the steps outlined at the following LINK:

How To Make USAA Website Better


I hope this helps you (and others).



As I posted above,  I reported this USAA Web BillPay® Problem / Issue AGAIN.


Click on the following LINK to another Members Community Post which shows the response from USAA that I received back.


Bill Pay Issues - USAA Response


Keeping everyone informed.

I have same prob. Checks were always on time until May 2014. Now several days late. I changed nothing in my recurring payments settings. I wonder if USAA changed something in their system? My solution was to set my recurring payments to arrive 7 days early.

I have recently encounter issues with Web Bill Pay.


First noticed that payment accounts were missing for my non-USAA payees.  They were there at the end of June when I set up payments, now they aren't.  I tried to add them back and encountered an error.


When I try to modify a payee, it takes me to a screen that says thanks for using USAA, click Member Access to continue - when I do, it takes me back to my homepage.


Then I noticed that all of the automatic payments I had set up for July were cancelled.  I did not do this, nor did my wife, my only other authorized user.


Not sure what is going on but this is extremely frustrating.  I have always used Web Bill Pay since it first became available, never had any issues.  

yes these guys are slow as he77 also on money transfer to non usaa accounts very slow