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USAA is unwilling to provide me with change of beneficiary forms to fill out for my accounts.  They have cited a laundry list of ridiculous info they need before they will change a beneficiary designation on my account and state that they are the ones that will fill out the form.  Also, USAA does not provide basic info on my account for showing current beneficiaries.  All other financial institutions that I have dealt with allow the owner of the account to see this info.  USAA has lost customer focus on an important personal matter.  Does anyone have the USAA CEO's email address?--that's another thing you can't find on the USAA site.  Maybe it is time to ask the USAA Board to do something besides be figure heads and work member issues.


It is not our intent to leave you frustrated Jww, and we will be looking into these concerns for you.  I will be engaging a subject matter expert on this subject to further review and reach out to you in regards to the beneficiary processes and required documentation.  Your extreme amount of patience is appreciated in this as it may take some time.  Please know that you are valued as a member of USAA, and your service experience is highly important to us.  As you know for immediate assistance you may contact us by dialing:  1-800-531-8722.  You will hear from us soon.  -  Justin

I would like the USAA CEO's email address.  Today, please.  Thanks.

Get a grip. The world is not going to fall on your thick skull.

Josh Andrews, Community Manager of USAA wrote an article about making sure your designations are correct, but clicking his "look at your beneficiary designations" tab goes nowhere. Searching the issue is very frustrating.


Some don't realize we're talking about who will inherit an account when the owner dies. Not a light weight issue. I am also concerned about USAA's policy. And a POD on your bank statement doesn't include the POD's name. Why is the name excluded? What good is knowing SOMEONE is set to inherit, but you don't know if it has been changed without you knowing, or maybe there's a misspelling that could be a legal problem for a loved one when you are gone.

I'd say "get a grip" is good advice if you don't care who gets your accounts when you're gone. 

USAA, please change your policy on this. Add a name to the POD, and add a place on the profile page where it's easy to see/change beneficiaries. 



Hi @Ahoy3! I certainly understand your concerns. I've sent your feedback and recommendations on this process to our team for review, as we're always looking for ways to better meet our member's needs. Thank you for your message. ~Holland