Typically, I have great reviews about USAA, but this week is not it. I am also planning to close out my account. I have been charged 25 NSF fees within a week and a half. This account is only used for two specific reasons. I do not have these types of charges show up on this account. Upon speaking to 3 different representatives only 4 fees were reversed and I asked them to decline any other attempts on my account. That did not happen and more were added. I contacted the two companies in which these charges were coming from. A refund was issued by one and cancelled with an investigation on the other. I refuse to pay additional money when I asked for any other attempts were made and was charged nsf fees even after having an additional $350 deposited into my account. I am beyond livid. Will more than likely transfer the remainder of my accounts somewhere else, including my life insurance policy.


Dear Acgreen, 


We would hate to lose your business. I understand the inconvenience caused by the unexpected charges. We will review this further. Thanks for sharing your concerns.