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USAA, for some unknown reason, makes changing a beneficiary on banking accounts a mystery.  Nobody at USAA seems to know the rules for what is needed and it seems like a new requirement is added every time you talk to someone.  I simply want to name a Trust as my beneficiary and spent $ to have an attorney provide to me a document that was supposed to satisfy what USAA wanted and needed--that didn't work--now they are asking for another form to be submitted which duplicates the info that has been provided by me--there is no end to this process.  To change a beneficiary on an account takes less than 5 minutes at other financial institutions--I just did it with no problems and no bureaucracy.  There is zero info and no beneficiary designation forms on the USAA website.  USAA leadership is also hiding and unwilling to engage on this subject.  Banking services at USAA have gone downhill. 


jww, I have received your message and concerns and will forward to a subject matter expert to reach out to you. ~ Lori

The USAA reply to this is the same as all of the other customer "assistance".  Nobody at USAA seems capable of doing a simple task--i.e. sending me change of beneficiary designation forms.  I wish USAA had some leadership that was engaged and would solve a simple issue--it would take all of 1 minute.

jww, I regret that your concerns have not been addressed. I am engaging a team of specialists to further review your feedback. Thank you. -Meredith

We're 2 1/2 weeks later and still no USAA satisfaction on this simple issue.  Providing change of beneficiary documents for a client is banking 101.  Somebody at USAA needs to be held accountable.

Actually, I meant 2 1/2 MONTHS.  USAA replies are consistent--you are looking into it.  Can somebody tell me how much longer USAA will be "looking into it" ?


8/2/2017   USAA must still be looking into it.  Still no solution to this simple banking issue.

Hello. We have received your additional comments concerning your beneficiary designations request. I was able to go back several months and review all the notes regarding this request. To fulfill your request we have made several attempts to receive the Memorandum of Trust documents needed to complete your request. Your concern has been addressed by our Deposit Servicing Team, our CEO Members Relations Office, as well as our Executive Resolutions Team. On all occasions you have reiterated that you will not be sending the requested paper work for us to complete your request. Therefore I ask that you please refrain from any additional posts for this specific concern through our social channels since we have offered support through different departments on multiple occasions. Future posts regarding this same issue will not receive a response and are subject to removal from our wall. While it is our intention to never ban individuals from our page, if we receive additional posts on this concern it will be considered "Bumping" which a violation of our guidelines. Bumping could result in your content being removed and you will be blocked from making additional posts. Thank you. - Darrell

So he asks for help and you threaten him? I, too, am having no joy figuring out the process for obtaning a Payable on Death Beneficiary form for my accounts. Rather than apologizing to all these customers for their difficulty and threatening this customer, how about placing a link on this page to either the correct form OR an instruction page for designating a beneficiary upon death? Can we get that form posted please?

@Alixx, I will be more than happy to further assist with the process of adding a POD form. I will need you to send us a private message. To enable messages, please click on your user name at the top right hand corner of the community page, click my settings, turn on private message and save, then you will click on the envelope icon to send us a message. I hope to hear from you soon! ~ Samantha 

Here it is the first of April (2019) and I, too, would like a POD form.  Please have the webmaster insert a link (and instructions) for this form.