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I had called in asking about a deposit I made it is a bank check my husband and I got to pay a contractor and then I ended up having to go pay for items so the check was deposited instead but a bank check is paid for with cash so I was told it should clear within 4 days at most even though it says tomorrow I am curious as to why such a long hold would be put on a check that you pay cash for. First do you realease funds once you have received them regardless of what hold time you estimated and second is there a way to have a bank check verified before depositing to keep a hold from being placed? You would think a bank check would take less time to clear.


Love Your Country, The majority of deposits are available immediately. However, like all banks, USAA Bank sometimes puts a hold on a member’s deposit. This temporary hold protects the member and the Bank from the growing threat of fraud. These holds can vary in length. I understand that the check you deposited was a bank check, please know that bank checks can also have a stop payment placed on them. For this reason, bank checks are also subject to a hold. Holds times cannot be changed or removed. If depositing the check, you will receive a notification of the hold time. We do this to provide our members the opportunity to choose to move forward with the deposit or explore other options. - Janay