Yesterday I purchased concert tickets via Zelle on the USAA app. I always use PayPal but the seller said they used Zelle - I was hesitant but noticed it was available through USAA so I figured it must be a trusted app and that USAA would stand behind anything that is available right there in their (USAA) app! Right after I sent my payment, the seller stopped responding to me and would not answer any phone calls or texts and never transferred the tickets to me on Ticketmaster like was promised (because I doubt they ever had the tickets in the first place). My son and I were on our way to the concert and had to turn around and come home, missed the concert, and now I am out the money that I sent due to a scam. 


Zelle itself and Zelle through USAA offer no way to cancel or dispute a transaction. I called USAA as soon I got home after attempting to cancel the transaction online and the USAA rep was able to start a fraud report and now I am waiting on USAA to investigate and contact me to see if I can somehow get my money back. I am devastated - I was hesitant to spend the money anyways because I hate spending money on myself and the one time I do, I am scammed and possibly cannot get my money back. PayPal offers protection to their buyers/sellers and I will suggest EVERYONE use only PayPal for online transactions. The little fee they charge is worth the protection you get! I cannot believe USAA would offer a product that they cannot stand behind and protect their members in a case of fraud like this. 


I also spoke to a local military spouse who said she used Zelle through USAA to send money to a friend but put one number in their phone number wrong so now their money is in limbo because it was not an active phone number and she cannot get her money back through USAA or Zelle. This is just outrageous to me.


I plan on sharing my experience with Zelle with anyone who will listen and I really hope USAA reconsiders offering their product through their app, especially if they cannot guarantee protection to their members who use it. I am hoping and praying that USAA rules in my favor for the fraud report so I get my money back but I want to make sure no other consumer is scammed out of money. It is an eye-opening but very upsetting situation and I wish it on no one! 


NB2017, thank you for taking the time to reach out. I'm sorry to hear about the upsetting experience you've had with the Zelle transfer. I understand this is concerning and frustrating, and I will be sure to share your feedback for further review. I am also generating a secure message to you on our website with additional details of the action we are taking. You will be able to retrieve the message by going to the Alerts & Actions section at the top right-hand side of the page. We remain available to assist if additional questions or concerns arise. -Meredith

Thank you. I hope they are able to process the dispute and rule in my favor. When I contacted USAA on Saturday the representative filed a fraud report and today I got a notice that said they determined there was no fraudulent activity to be found. I have proof of all of my interactions with this person and it's horrible that someone can get away with something like this without any reprecussions. 

NB2017, I understand how upsetting this is. Submitting the dispute is the next step to review this for you. It may also be best to consider filing a police report with your local department. If we request additional documentation from you, this can be added to the information you currently hold. Keep in mind, the dispute review process may take 3-5 business days for completion. -Marisa

Hello NB2017, the same thing just happen to me in the exact same way. So frustrating I just submitted my dispute, I was just wondering how your dispute turned out?

Hi both,


I had a similar experience yesterday and submitted my dispute. Would also be interested to hear how this turned out.

Also interested to learn what the best process with USAA to dispute a scam over Zelle. In my case, sent money for tickets and never received tickets.

Hello @8yearsout, I'm sorry to hear about your ticket issue! Please contact us at 800-531-8722 to initiate a send money with Zelle dispute. ~ Samantha

Thanks for the information Samantha. To provide visibility for other users with the same issue, I called USAA and explained my fraud case. USAA informed me that it will be 5-8 business days for my dispute to be sent to analysis, and then a credit will post 2 days after the analysis is complete if they rule in my favor. I will keep the community updated on my progress. 


As an aside, I think USAA should provide a warning/notice that Zelle should not be used to purchase tickets/goods from unknown people or merchants. I ignorantly thought using Zelle- since it's offered within the USAA app-would protect me from fraud like Paypal does when I don't receive the items/goods I paid for. Lesson Learned!

Zelle does provide this warning on their own website, but it's hidden in the FAQ section. Some USAA members may incorrectly think Zelle is a USAA specific product.