First allow me to say that not being able to email to give details about a problem is disappointing. 


I have been with USAA for quite a while. Insurance, credit cards and auto loan. Been so unbelievably happy. Right up until I needed them to be there for me. 


I have always had my accounts set up for auto pay so I’ve never been late or missed a payment on anything. About a year or so ago I ran into some financial difficulties and my credit rating slipped. Through all these troubles I kept up on all my USAA accounts because I figured they would continue being there for me if I got in trouble (financially). So when everything else was falling apart, every USAA account was kept up to date without so much as a late payment. 


Now things are getting better and I’m fixing some of my problems but I get in a car accident. No one was hurt but my car was totaled. So I call USAA to finance the exact same car for the same amount I had financed through them before. Never missing a payment or being late. Sadly I was denied the exact same loan that I had in perfect standing before. 


I understand that USAA is not responsible for my problems and that they have guidelines that they have to follow. Disappointing that my history with them, from insurance to credit card to the very auto loan that I had and was trying to get again wasn’t enough for them to help me out. Sadly my family and I sacrificed quite a bit when we were struggling to make sure we did right by USAA. In our efforts to keep USAA in good standing it ended up hurting my credit even more. I was ok with that though cause I was naive enough to think that my perfect credit with them would push me over should I need help before I could fix my credit issues. I was DRASTICALLY wrong. Now I’m in worse trouble than before. 


No one to appeal to, no email address to contact anyone in the banking department to see if they could take my situation into consideration. Just USAA turning their back on me. I expect that from other banking institutions but honestly didn’t expect that from USAA. They could have looked at my credit history with them over the course of 15+ years as a member to see I was a low risk applicant. 






@cwf71,  Thank you for sharing your story. I am glad things are recovering for you and that no one was injured when your car was totaled. I will be forwarding your post for review. Once review is completed, if they need to discuss with you, they will reach out using your profile contact information. ~ Suzy