I paid off my loan for a vehicle and received a letter from USAA on 24 Mar 2017.... Yes over 2 years ago stating that they were releasing the title. SCDMV uses the ELT (Electronic Lien and Title) system. Long story short USAA tried 2 times to release the title and SCDMV responded that there was a problem (What no one knows), so as of July 2017 nothing has been done. USAA never reached out to me or attempted to continue to resolve.


Now I want to trade the vehicle in but have no title to sign over and both of them are pointing their fingers at the other.


How do I get someone from USAA to take ownership of this and resolve it? There is no email address to contact a department. All you can do is contact Loan support who will "send a request to the back office" to resolve.


@deepunderh2o, This sounds incredibly frustrating. I'm happy to engage an expert who can review the auto loan. We'll reach out to you after a thorough review of the situation has been completed. ~DC